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New Lyrics – Black Coffee Blues

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Hi all,

Just want to share my lyrics for one of my latest songs. It’s a simple 12 bar blues in the key of G major. Not much to say about this song. It started life out as me noodling out in the back yard with a six string acoustic guitar and a slide. I then had the idea of a more traditional blues song using black coffee as a metaphor for a woman. The words for the chorus “I’ve got me some black coffee, keep me up late at night” just pop into my head, and it just took off from there. All the other types of coffee also proved good metaphors for women. So, it’s a bit cheeky. A bit naughty. But a lot of fun.

If you want to hear a rough demo of the song (very rough), you can click on this link to take you to Soundcloud – Black Coffee Blues

I recorded it on my mobile phone. Just me playing some blues slide, singing and blowing some harp.

Well, I hope you enjoy they lyrics and get on over to Soundcloud to hear the demo 🙂

Black Coffee Blues

I got me some black coffee
Keep me up late at night
Got me some black coffee
Keeping me up late at night
Don’t want no skinny latte
Won’t satisfy my appetite

I’ll meet you in the kitchen
‘Bout half past nine
You give me a bit of sugar
And say “It’s coffee time!”

I got me some black coffee
Keep me up late at night
Don’t want no skinny latte
Won’t satisfy my appetite

Don’t want no flat white
Don’t want no latte chai
Gimme a double shot espresso
And hit me with a black eye

I got me some black coffee
Keep me up late at night
Don’t want no skinny latte
Won’t satisfy my appetite

I’ve had a bit of Irish
I’ve had a Cuban shot
But you can’t beat a coffee
When it’s fast, black and hot

I got me some black coffee
Keep me up late at night
Don’t want no skinny latte
Won’t satisfy my appetite

I went out to the East
For a bit of kopi susu
Then I headed on out West
Had an Americano too

I got me some black coffee
Keep me up late at night
Don’t want no skinny latte
Won’t satisfy my appetite

You pour me all your coffee
Gimme a bit of Kenyan bean
Squeeze my lemon baby
And serve some coffee cream

I got me some black coffee
Keep me up late at night
Gotta drink my mojo goodness
And satisfy my appetite




Written by Jamie Owen McPherson 07 March, 2014
Copyright © Jamie McPherson 2014


New Lyrics – Just Another Dead Cowboy Song

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Hi folks,

Here are the lyrics to my latest song. It is called ‘Just Another Dead Cowboy Song’. It is a title I had been waiting to write a song around for a while, so when the story popped into my head, I raided my little black book of phrases and lyric ideas, and came up with this piece. The story starts with a man dying, then to what brought him there, and then is book-ended where we began. It is about all those dead cowboy songs, blowing on the wind all around the world, and this is one of them.

At the moment there is no music for this one as life is just that little bit mad at the moment, but who knows, hopefully in a few weeks I can start working on the music. I just felt the need to share this story with you, as I do love the imagry of it. I love telling a good story, and couldn’t wait to tell you this one. I hope you enjoy it 🙂


Just Another Dead Cowboy Song


Big noon sun’s a creepin’

To the edge of this hole

Been three days in this canyon

On the edge of my soul

These Badlands will take my life

Because she has the mind

Her hospitality fatal

Her disposition unkind


My canteen’s dry and empty

My throat too parched to talk

My horse died five miles back

The rest I had to walk

If I could manage some spit

I’d whistle a dead man’s tune

Just a little ditty

I heard in some saloon



A man lives like a man

‘Till his bones finds a bed

With just a dead cowboy song

Blowin’ round his head


A man dies like a man

There’s no escaping sin

Just another dead cowboy song

Blowin’ on the wind


My funeral march had started

When I entered Bull’s Head Saloon

Sellin’ whisky and men’s souls

For that there’s plenty of room

Where life and death can be decided

By the cards in your hand

Or whom you choose to smile at

In such a hostile land


Now I ain’t never been no saint

But I’m not so rightly bad

I was sorta somewhere between

Except when you got me mad

A man can have a temper

It helps him to be brave

But should he go and loose it

And it’s a short trip to the grave



A man lives like a man

‘Till his bones finds a bed

With just a dead cowboy song

Blowin’ round his head


A man dies like a man

There’s no escaping sin

Just another dead cowboy song

Blowin’ on the wind


I met a young belle called Bess

Her smile was kinda nice

She kindly bought me a drink

She knew it was my vice

We spent an hour talking

Of life and love and such

I admit my heart was taken

By her gentle touch


Bess was a kindly soul

Charity predominated in her life

If I was the settlin’ down type

This girl would make my wife

I would be movin’ on

But my heart for did she claim

And if I should die tomorrow

I would gently breathe her name



A man lives like a man

‘Till his bones finds a bed

With just a dead cowboy song

Blowin’ round his head


A man dies like a man

There’s no escaping sin

Just another dead cowboy song

Blowin’ on the wind


I sat in on a game

With my Bessie by my side

I felt like a new groom

Showin’ off to all his bride

Three men sat at that table

A captain and his man

But the way he eyed my Bess

I knew he had a plan


He dealt the hand accordingly

And I drew aces and eights

It was a Dead Man’s Hand

It was cast upon the Fates

An un-gentlemanly remark

To put me off my game

But the Lady’s honour was mine

So I stood up and took aim



A man lives like a man

‘Till his bones finds a bed

With just a dead cowboy song

Blowin’ round his head


A man dies like a man

There’s no escaping sin

Just another dead cowboy song

Blowin’ on the wind


He slumped back in is chair

With a look of such surprise

That dumb quizzical face

With no life left in it’s eyes

Three men drew on me

All ready to attack

But I retreated no further

Than the air right at my back


Three shots called a crowd

Into the dusty street

My life was now a race

The devil I had to beat

I said good bye to Bess

My future and my life

I was now a wanted man

Running for his life



A man lives like a man

‘Till his bones finds a bed

With just a dead cowboy song

Blowin’ round his head


A man dies like a man

There’s no escaping sin

Just another dead cowboy song

Blowin’ on the wind


The posse caught up with me

But too late to run me down

I was holed up in Dead Man’s Gorge

Dug deep beneath the ground

Three days slowly dying

And nothing left to drink

My lips too parched to whistle

My eye to dry to wink


It’s time to make my peace

As I lay me down to bed

The next time I awake

I will be sure and truly dead

My one and only wish

Is that death don’t come too soon

Just gimme some time and spit

To whistle a dead man’s tune



A man lives like a man

‘Till his bones finds a bed

With just a dead cowboy song

Blowin’ round his head


A man dies like a man

There’s no escaping sin

Just another dead cowboy song

Blowin’ on the wind


Lyrics written by Jamie Owen McPherson 2nd August, 2013

Copyright © 2013 Jamie McPherson

New Song Lyrics – Moonshine’s a Running

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Hi folks,

I’ve just written a brand spanking new song called “Moonshine’s a Running”. Here are the lyrics and below that will be a brief explination of the song –

Moonshine’s a Running

Moonshine’s a running

From the side of the hill

I make my living

From the pot and the still

Moonshine’s a running

From the side of my hill

I feed my young un’s

From the pot and the still

I work all day toiling in the dirt

When the chillun’s cry from hunger, that’s when I hurt

Moonshine’s a running

Like my Pappy did before

As his Daddy did

When he washed upon this shore

Moonshine’s a running

It’s an honest man’s trade

The sheriff let’s me know

When it’s time for the raid

These hills are alive with the smell of mash

And quiet whispers at night and promises of cash

Moonshine’s a running

On an Appalachian night

I’ll brew my magic

By the harvest moon tonight

Moonshine’s a running

It’s time to move the shine

The dogs are a sniffin’

I’ve been given the sign

The sheriff said “I hear ya farmin’ the woods?

There’s new folks in town out lookin’ for your goods”

Moonshine’s a running

It’s time to move on

It’s the end of the verse

But not of my song

Moonshine’s a running

Little bellies full tonight

But who knows tomorrow

If their belts will be tight

It’s a life I never chose to be

But a man does what he does, for his family

Moonshine’s a Running

On the side of my hill

I made my living

On the pot and the still

Moonshine’s a running

Time to rest my bones

I died a moonshiner

Four miles from my home

The cold and wet got me in the night

Daddy won’t be home, but everything’s alright

Moonshine’s a running

On the side of a hill

They’ll make a new life

From the pot and the still

Moonshine’s a running

It’s the way it’s always been

It will always live on

In both kith and kin

A hundred fires in the woods tonight

A hundred souls will go on, fight the good fight

Written by Jamie McPherson

Sunday 10 June 2013

Words and music © 2013 Copyright Jamie McPherson

The line “moonshine’s a running” came to me while reading a Foxfire article about moonshining in the Appalachian Mountains called “The Fine Art of Moonshining”. It was a great article written in the 60’s of the dying art of Moonshining (the distilling of illegal whisky). One thing that touched me deeply was that it was accepted by all the locals, including the local law enforcement, as for many it was the only way they could feed their families. Life was tough for these folks, and they had to do whatever they could to survive. Their only real concern was the Federal law enforcement agencies, who could spell a lengthy prison sentence for them. But to feed their families, it was worth the risk. So, I hope I was able to catch the spirit of this within the song.

The song was really born out of the chords. I was noodling around with the guitar last weekend and started to play these chords. I recorded them on my mobile so I wouldn’t forget. Then, yesterday I played back the chords and wrote the music structure on a neet little program on my mobile. And this morning I sat down and wrote out the lyrics.

So, I hope you enjoy Moonshine’s a Running. Hopefully soon I’ll have a rough demo up so you can listen to it.

Beannach leibh,


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I normally don’t repost other people’s blogs, but this is too important not too!

Art Journal, Painting, Random Thoughts and Craft

Hi Everyone,
This weeks blog is…well it’s me. 🙂 True to form there’s a lovely long impression after the poem. As always it’s optional. What matters is that you get something out of being here.

With that onwards and my best wishes to all for a lovely week ahead.

Ace Of Swords

Part One: Feelings


Black and still

Consciousness fades with each hour.


Note books forsaken in their heaps and their mounds

Pens are retracted

Pencils left un-sharpened

As darkness takes hold of the mind


Eyes scream at the day light

Ears deafened by the softest sound

The body coiled in defensive poses

Vulnerable and sacrified.


Tears fall

For an end to it all.

The reign of anxiety and fears…



I am not enough

To make life worth the effort.


And too many words echo and shout…


…I think too much

Talk too…

View original post 1,388 more words

June Newsletter from The Official Jamie McPherson

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June Newsletter from The Official Jamie McPherson

Welcome to the June edition of


That’s right folks. The laughing bard himself, Mat Drogemuller, in his quest for greater musical enlightenment, has featured yours truely in his blog. Besides being a serious musician, Mat has a brilliant writing style that is both funny, imformative and extremely entertaining. Mat and I conversed over many emails and this ripper of a blog was what came out of it. There were many other things we talked about that didn’t make it to the blog, but I suppose that is just for us to know and you to puzzle about. Maybe one day one of us will publish our other gems of wizdom, but until then, I highly recomend you read not only this part of the blog, but also the other extremely entertaining blogs.

You can read Mat’s blog, The Laughing Bard at


Who cut the cheese? Well, you can find out in September at The Cheese Factory Studio Gallery.


The Cheese Factory Studio Gallery is open on the THIRD SUNDAY of each month offering a delightful afternoon of…



Songwriter and balladeer


Jamie’s songs are stories of love, life, death, family and friendship, strange people in stranger lands, observing the world around him and the people who have occupied it. Often his songs incorporate his love of the Australian landscape and his ancestral home of Scotland along with some good old fashioned penned cowboy ballads. His words and melodies are firmly rooted in all these worlds and have a definitive Australian take on folk and alternative country music. And he is never afraid to poke fun at himself or the society we live in.

So, come on down and cut some cheese!


The Cheese Factory

Great local food and wine served at 1pm and show starts 2pm. Get ready to taste some of the best South Australian wines and yummy platters and sweetie treats!

CHEESE FACTORY SESSIONS – between 1:00 – 4:00pm The Cheese Factory Sunday, September 16th, 2012 239 Kondoparinga Road Meadows South Australia 5201 Aus (08) 8388 3725  Price: Adults $10 – Children $5

What’s been happening?

Well folks, Tikarma and I have been quite busy. It has now been a year since we settled into our new digs in Strath and we are wondering, where has all the time gone?

Besides a few stellar shows, I’ve been busy writing a few new songs. Two which I just love are ‘Love, Served Me Chilli’ and my all time favourite, ‘A Sunny Day in New Orleans’. One is a bit of a ballad and the other is a New Orleans jazz funeral song. I can’t wait to get the studio up and runnig again, as this one will be full of trombones, trumpet and clarinet, and who knows, maybe one day it might be played at my funeral. One day…far…far…away! You can check out the lyrics and the blog for these two songs in the Blog section of

Speaking of funerals, I suppose I can not go past the very sad passing of two great musicians who have been a real inspiration to me. Donald “Duck” Dunn and Levon Helm. These two great men have been pivitol in forming my love of music and who have been a great influence on my own music. They are both sorely missed, and our thoughts and prayers go out to their families and loved ones.

The website had had a minor tweak in my bio. Just to bring it more in line with the musical direction I seem to be heading. Nothing major, but if you want to check it out, just go to the Bio section of

And, as you know, I have had the great privilage of being featured on Mat Drogemuller’s blog, The Laughing Bard. We had a real blast and a lot of laughs conversing about all things musical, and you can read the results at

Also, you will have seen that a new show has been added at The Cheese Factory. This venue just looks brilliant and I have heard by several sources that the food is just to die for! So, I urge everyone to mosey on down and check it out. Preferably for my show, but if you can’t make it, take a drive down there anyway some time to see some amazing artwork! And, they are on the net at

The good news is that CD sales have seen to be suddenly taking off again, with CD’s sold in far away places such as Austria and Germany and picked up by a major distributer in the USA. Also, Myspace plays have gone through the roof along with doing well on the Reverb Nation charts reaching number 3 for South Australia’s folk charts, and not too shabby on the national charts either.

Meeting Place is still for sale at as well as all the major international distributers on the net.

Tikarma’s been quite the busy little bee lately! She has finally finished the archive of all her poetry, and it is just brilliant! It has been a real joy to re-read these gems. Truely, a great talent! Now, she is building up a backlog of new poems to be put in the archive. When will she find the time?

She’s also done some wonderful paintings, and the one she is currently working on is a real gem! I can’t wait for this one to be completed! To check out her website, just go to

Also, we now have set up a Ravenwood Studios page on Facebook. This is for all things Tikarma and Jamie. Just head on over to

You might notice that for the next few months, both Tikarma and I will be quite quiet as she will be undergoing two lots of surgery. All will be good, but her health and recovery will be taking top priority for us.

So, that’s what’s been happening in our world. Wishing you a great musical June and in the meantime, feel free to check out all the webpages.

Beannachd leibh,


Jamie McPherson Songwriter/balladeer/composer/live performing artist

Love, Served Me Chilli

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Hello all,

Here are the lyrics to my latest song, Love, Served Me Chilli. It is a song of love found and lost, like all good love songs. Below the lyrics, is a short little explanation on the songwriting process. If you are musically inclined, you can view the chords for the song on the Lyrics/chords section of my website where you can also listen to some of my other songs and catch up with all the latest news. So, here is Love, Served Me Chilli –

Love, Served Me Chilli


Love, served me chilli, this morning

No eggs, no bacon to fry

Love, served me chilli, every morning

Since you left and didn’t say, goodbye

She served me in a diner, in Austin

She was the prettiest little thing, I’d seen

She looked me once over, gave a laugh and poured my coffee

And said “Cowboy, where the hell have you been?”

“You’re dirty and dusty and you smell kinda bad

I bet you haven’t changed or washed, for a week

So get on out back, wash that face and comb your hair

And I’ll fix you up something special to eat”


I went out to the washroom, cleaned up and combed my hair

Checked the mirror, then went back, to the scene

She lit up when she saw me and came in real close

And whispered “Cowboy, tell me where you’ve been?”

I’ve been out, thirty days, driving longhorn

Six months, on a rig in the sea

Sellin’ snake oil in Coleman, to your mama, don’t cha know

Where you look, now that’s where, I have been


She laughed, bit her lip, and said “Handsome, tell me more

I love a man, that knows where he’s been

Eat your eggs, chew your bacon and drink that coffee real slow

And tell me cowboy, what have you seen?”

I worked in Houston, for them boys, building rockets

I worked in Roswell cutting up, ET

And last week, in Lubbock, I serviced your car

And honey, that’s just the start, of me


We went home, she made breakfast, every morning

While I told her tall tales, about me

But when the tales ran out, so did my love

She left a note, addressed, to me

It said “Cowboy, it’s been fun, to see where you’ve been

You really have, entertained me

But I don’t cook my breakfast, for no honest man

So get used, to eating chilli, and beans


Written 20th April 2012

Copyright Ó 2012 Jamie McPherson

So, what inspired the song? Well, I had the line “Love served me chilli this morning” just pop into my head. I thought it was a good metaphor for being a single man. No married or attached man would EVER be allowed to eat chilli (chilli con carne) for breakfast. There is a sadness in a man that would 🙂

So, I sat down and started to write the story as it progressed in my head. The first thing I thought of was that it did have to centre around breakfast. You just can’t leave it at an opening line. So, what better way than have him find a woman who will cook him breakfast. But, what would compel a woman to do that? What would hold her there? That’s when the idea of having him tell her tall tales about himself every morning, that she would enjoy hearing and indulging in. As Tikarma rightly pointed out when I played it for her, a bit of One Thousand Nights and One Night. I didn’t think of it at the time, but it is quite true.

But, it is also a story of love lost. What could precipitate the ending of this relationship? I thought the logical thing would be that the tall tales ran out. After all, that’s what kept her there in the first place. No stories, no breakie 🙂

The song needed a setting, and I thought the place most synonymous with chilli, is the state of Texas. It wouldn’t make sense to have it take place in Australia. So, all the towns and cities in the song are in Texas. I like a good geographic journey in my songs. And, of course, my sense of humour always prevails with the line about cutting up ET in Roswell. I can’t help it being a cheeky bugger 🙂

So, the song is a ballad in 3/4 time. A bit of alternative country style. All up, it only took me a bit over an hour to write both lyrics, chords and melody. Just a quick flash of inspiration. Who knows when I’ll get the chance to record it, but hopefully not too far away. I picture this one with just vocals and either guitar or piano accompanying it. Well, I hoped you enjoyed the lyrics any way. 🙂

Beannachd leibh,


March Newsletter from

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 Hello and welcome to the March edition of

It’s been a busy month behind the scenes but we are moving ahead nicely. The big news is the CD launch will be at the beautiful Singing Gallery in McClaren Vale on 03 April 2011. This is an all ages show and we will be having a brilliant line-up including Matt Reiner, Pasquale, The Self Preservation Society, Bob Molloy, Dave Clark, Tikarma Vodicka and maybe some other friends will drop on by. Why the big stellar lineup for a CD launch? Well, that’s easy to explain. It will also be my 40th Birthday Bash, and damnit, I want to hear some great music! And these guys will deliver.

Also, the good folks at Music SA have been kind enough to have me as their featured artist for a couple of weeks. Their hard work, dedication, support and encouragement never ceases to amaze me! Not only myself, but many a South Oz musician owes them a debt of gratitude for all they have done for us here. You can check out their website at and read some great articles and reviews, including a few on myself.

And, talking about Music SA, I have also been fortunate enough to have the CD reviewed by Mr H.W.Bones on the site. It is another wonderful review and I am just chuffed with it! You can read it at the bottom of the Newsletter or go to the Music SA website.

The last bit of big news is on a more personal note. Tikarma and I are currently in the process of moving our Ravenwood Studios. It is an exciting time and my studio is being packed up as we speak. We will still be in beautiful Strathalbyn, just on a different side of town. 

Wishing you all a great time of music for March, and I hope to catch as many of you as possible for my CD Launch and 40th Birthday Bash next month.

All the information on the CD Launch and the article and review from Music SA are below. Feel free to have a read.

Beannachd leibh (brightest blessings), 



‘Meeting Place’ CD Launch & 40th Birthday Bash


Sunday, April 3rd, 2011The Singing Gallery
Meeting Place CD Launch and 40th Birthday Bash – 2pm-6pm 133 Main Road
McLaren Vale South Australia 5171
Aus 0413 358 618 [map]
Price: $10, $5 concession

Come celebrate the launch of Jamie’s Debut CD, Meeting Place along with his 40th Birthday. We’re having some friends along to play and bring it all back home.

The lineup includes-

Jamie Mcpherson
Matt Reiner
The Self Preservation Society
Bob Molloy
Dave Clark
Plus the poetry of Tikarma Vodicka

This will be an all ages and child friendly event. Enjoy fine music in this ideal location. Tickets at the door. Children under 12 free. BYO  

The latest article from Music SA

featured from 11 march 2011

Strathalbyn’s very own folk and alternative country artist, Jamie McPherson, is gearing up to launch his debut album, Meeting Place.
The much anticipated album, which has been 3 years in the making, will be launched at The Singing Gallery (in an all ages show) on Sunday 3rd April for his CD Launch and 40th Birthday Bash. The show starts at 2pm and includes special guests Matt Reiner, The Self Preservation Society, Pasquale, Dave Clark plus the poetry of Tikarma Vodicka. That’s a full afternoons entertainment in the picturesque surroundings of McLaren Vale.
Meeting place is a eclectic blend of traditional folk, rock and country blues combined into a wonderful life brew that encompasses life, death, love and the stories of a self proclaimed balladeer and songwriter. Jamie started writing the album about 3 years ago and decided to throw himself into his music after a huge life change made him re-elvaluate where his life was going. He decided to immerse himself into his passion for music.
“When I initially set up my Ravenwood Studio, I envisioned the album of just being more along the lines of a traditional folk album. Just myself on vocals and guitar and maybe blowing the occasional bit of harp. I’ve had no formal musical training at all, so I was very surprised to find I had a talent for composing and scoring music. All the songs I wrote on guitar just began to grow into full arrangements. The next thing I know, all my influences of rock, country and blues came forth and the songs took on a life of their own. It is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to genre, but luckily there is the label of Alternative Country, in which it seems to fall into nicely”.
Jamie did a soft launch of the album online in December just for fans and friends, and has already recieved some positive media interest from overseas music critics who have picked up on the album.
“I was very surprised to hear from music critics in Italy, the U.K. and the Neatherlands who had heard parts of the album on CD Baby and wanted to do reviews of it. Most of the reviews are in, and so far they have been excellent. I’m very chuffed with them and a bit overwhelmed to be honest.”
Here are what some the critics are saying about Meeting Place-
A very personal cocktail of blues, rock and folk…” – Paolo Caru, Italian rock critic
On the one hand the sound of the wide open space, reminiscent of the The Triffids, on the other, a passionate approach reminiscent of Kim Salmon, both confirming his authentic Australian roots” – John Gjaltema,
As quickly as I put it in I took it out to make sure I hadn’t mixed it up with a new Leonard Cohen release, but no – definitely Jamie” – H.W.Bones, Music SA
Jamie will be selling his debut album at the launch event. Tickets can be purchased for just $10 ($5 concession and children under 12 free) at the door. Come visit the beautiful former Congregational Church in McLaren Vale on the Fleurieu Peninsula for an afternoon of music in this idealistic location. More information is available from


  ‘Meeting Place’ CD review from H.W. Bones, featured at Music SA  

lp:  meeting place

Meeting Place - Jamie McPherson

Meeting Place - Jamie McPherson


First time I ran into Jamie McPherson was at a gig he was playing at Higher Ground on Light Square and I proceeded to talk at him for quite a while about the high ornamentation of the rosette on the feedback stopper of his twelve sting Takamine guitar. In addition he had on a Johnny Cash t-shirt which was instantly appealing. Nice chap, looked like he’d just come down from the mountains with his beat up hat on (which he effectively has, coming from Strathalbyn). What I saw on that day was an almost traditional folk performance, great and heart felt lyrics as much at home on stage as around a campfire.

It was with great interest I received Jamie’s debut album ‘Meeting Place’. Wonderfully packaged and looking slick as any major label release, with some great pictures of the artist lounging in various uncomfortable locales and a thought provoking painting by Jamie’s wife Tikarma taking up the back cover really rounding it out.

I popped ‘Meeting Place’ straight into the cosmic destruction player to see what Jamie had been cooking up in his home studio ‘Ravenwood’. As quickly as I put it in I took it out to make sure I hadn’t mixed it up with a new Leonard Cohen release, but no – definitely Jamie. The first track ‘Midsummer in a Summerland’ would not by any means be out of place on a newer era Cohen release, very clever lyrically and that same almost Casio drenched production on this, which is a nice easer into ‘Meeting Place’.

Throughout listening to this album I found myself more and more drawn into Jamie’s lyrics. He has a great eye for detail and even things that may be termed a cliché written by a lesser lyricist are dealt a deft and skilful hand on Jamie’s watch. In the tradition of many folk/country performers a wry and often dry humour surfaces in many of the songs which helps to lighten some of the lyrical load.

Jamie is not afraid to try his hand at various styles within the folk/country umbrella either, there are times where musically this release strays into almost doo wop territory along with a good sprinkling of rock and roll (that’s right – both kinds of music rock AND roll… Ba DAM Ching). The only cover on the album ‘No Expectations’ shows a further range of where Jamie is coming from in terms of influences.

If I could offer one piece of advice I’d love for Jamie to find his own voice a little more on his next release. I have had the pleasure of hearing Jamie play live and I can hear a lot of that voice in these recordings and it’s really a treat, but there are occasions where it does sound like his voice is borrowing from some of his heroes. This is something that is easy to do subconsciously whilst recording, but when you have got a voice with as much character and strength as Jamie’s I’d love to hear it push through stronger on the next one release that he puts out.

 In all this is a great release, professionally packaged, raw and heart felt, and for this listener’s ears, definitely autobiographical. I look forward to the next instalment!

All album photograph images are copyright 2010 Jeremy Watson Photography

‘Meeting Place’ painting copyright 2010 Tikarma Vodicka

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