Guitarist, vocalist a with folk/acoustic style.

Jamie’s music is born from his deep love of the Scottish Highlands mixed With a touch of good old Aussie tounge in cheek. Jamie’s approach to music is instinctual, heartfelt, and inspired. His music asks his listeners to not only sit back and enjoy but also to feel. Jamie’s first song Dail Chuinnidh is a romantic and heartfelt ballad of life and love.

Jamie has had an extensive and varied career in the music and entertainment industry over a 20 year period. He has worked with many local Adelaide bands mixing their sound for live gigs. Now Jamie has decided to step up from behind the mixing desk, grab his guitar and tell a few stories.

The inspiration for Jamies’ music and lyrics comes from the countryside that surrounds the town of Strathalbyn where his lives with his wife, artist and poet Tikarma Vodicka.

Jamie also played tenor drum for the Mount Barker Caledonian Society Pipes and Drums for a few years before setting off on his own musical career. Aside from guitar and tenor drum, Jamie also plays the harmonica, tin whistle, keyboards and does all his own arrangements.

Jamie aims to share with the listener his love of the Scottish Highlands and the Australian countryside, drawing them into his world of tall tales, old world magic and grass roots music.

And don’t forget to tell your friends.


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