Ceud Mile Failte (A Hundred, Thousand Welcomes)

Hello all and welcome to my blog. I thought that as many a good friend has come over to WordPress, in order to put a face to the comments I leave, I would  join up myself. And, while I am here, use the opportunity to leave the occasional post as to what is happening in my world of songwriting, composing, recording and any other big events.

So, as this is really more of a welcome to you all and a big HERE I AM, this will not be much of a post.

But, rest assured there will be a post on its way. The big news is that behind the scenes I have been working on my first CD release. This has been an all-consuming passion and has seemed to have overrun my life. So, I won’t go into any great detail, except that the release date should be sometime in October (fingers crossed). I am very excited that it is so near after two years of hard work, and even more excited that two very talented artists and people who are very dear to me will be working on the visual elements of the CD. One is the very talented photographer Jeremy Watson and the other is artist (and love of my life) Tikarma Vodicka. So, with these two brilliant visual artists in my corner, it should look fantastic!

Also, to coincide with the release, there will be a new website at www.jamiemcpherson.com.au , but this will not be up and running until the CD release. In the meantime, it will just have a link to my MySpace page where you can catch up to the latest news or listen to my music.

Alas, that is it for me at the moment, but I will post once again when the CD is ready to be unleashed onto an unsuspecting world. In the meantime, I will be busy behind the scenes and taking some time to get everything up and running and visiting a few dear friends in WordPress.

Thank you for dropping by, and I look forward to this new adventure.

Yours in music and verse,


To view Tikarma Vodicka’s artwork, please visit her website here

To view Jeremy Watson’s photography, please visit his website here


4 Responses to “Ceud Mile Failte (A Hundred, Thousand Welcomes)”

  1. Hi Jamie,

    and congrats on your new blog space. It looks good. 🙂

    The impending CD release is very exciting indeed! You’ve worked very hard and I’m sure when you’re holding that first CD it will all seem very worthwhile. You should be very proud of yourself, I know I’m very proud of you and thankyou for allowing me to be a part of your venture with some of the artwork.

    Yours always in love

  2. Hi Tikarma,

    Thank you and thank you for all your help getting it up and running. I couldn’t have done it without your help.

    Awwwww…thank you. I am extremely proud of you too. Yes, I can’t wait until that little bit of plastic is in my hot little hands. You have been a wonderful support in this venture and I am glad to be taking this journey with you. You have made all the difference and inspired and encouraged me to follow my dream. For that (and your love), I do thank you with all my heart.

    With all my love,



  3. belfastdavid Says:

    I am delighted Jamie to find you here.

    MySpace is dead, Long live WordPress. *Smile*

    Beannachd leat my good friend


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