I normally don’t repost other people’s blogs, but this is too important not too!

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Hi Everyone,
This weeks blog is…well it’s me. 🙂 True to form there’s a lovely long impression after the poem. As always it’s optional. What matters is that you get something out of being here.

With that onwards and my best wishes to all for a lovely week ahead.

Ace Of Swords

Part One: Feelings


Black and still

Consciousness fades with each hour.


Note books forsaken in their heaps and their mounds

Pens are retracted

Pencils left un-sharpened

As darkness takes hold of the mind


Eyes scream at the day light

Ears deafened by the softest sound

The body coiled in defensive poses

Vulnerable and sacrified.


Tears fall

For an end to it all.

The reign of anxiety and fears…



I am not enough

To make life worth the effort.


And too many words echo and shout…


…I think too much

Talk too…

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